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Grow your wealth management business by capturing rollover IRAs directly from the retirement plans you already advise on.

With the NextLevel IRA platform, you can retain the clients and the assets, while you also generate new business by automating the outreach and onboarding to convert more eligible rollover opportunities with our Managed Account IRA technology platform.

The NextLevel IRA provides your clients a wide range of investment options, on demand reporting, rich financial information, and a superior user experience so they can grow their investments and relationship with you. You can scale your assets under management and efficiently manage your business through the advisor portal.

The NextLevel IRA solution offers many advantages for your business and your clients:

  • Scalability – Grow your wealth management business by reaching new clients.
  • Efficiency – Streamline the rollover process by going direct from 401K plan to IRA*.
  • Customization – Flexible platform to support your clients’ needs.
  • Compliance – Use built-in tools to document rollover recommendations.
  • Low Cost – Offer cost-effective investment management options to clients while creating a new revenue stream for your firm.
  • Personalized Investment Advice – NextLevel IRA Managed Account Technology becomes an extension of the advisor team, prudently selecting, evaluating, and monitoring investments that are solely in the best interest of the account holder.

*For plans on the Relius Recordkeeping platform.

Let NextLevel IRA help grow your business by automating and elevating the experience for smaller investors – until they become large investors ››

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How would you like to help advisors grow their wealth management business and motivate them to use your firm for more 401k Retirement plans?

You can with NextLevel IRA, the new IRA solution from PenChecks Trust® designed to help advisors, asset managers and recordkeepers identify, facilitate, and capture rollover opportunities within retirement plans.

Most retirement investment advisors avoid working with small to mid-size account balances due to the low return on investment. With NextLevel IRA’s highly automated system, advisors can efficiently manage these types of accounts with minimal time and effort, making the return on investment worthwhile.

Every new account with your advisor partner means more business for you. NextLevel IRA makes it easy for you to support the advisor in managing these accounts in several ways. Our solution offers a direct plan to IRA setups for recordkeepers*. It enables your advisors with a tool to minimize terminated participants from moving their money to an outside firm. And it stops account leakage by empowering your advisors to maintain relationships with plan participants after they leave the company.

    *For plans on the Relius Recordkeeping platform.

    NextLevel IRA can reduce your administrative workload by leveraging our Plan Termination service and terminated participant outreach through our partner PenChecks, which handles everything from mailings and participant calls to offering all participants an option to seamlessly set up an IRA with the advisor for the plan. NextLevel IRA includes built-in communications tools to help maintain the relationship with the participant.

    Terminated participants are increasingly lost to low-cost robo advisors or eventually leak out of the plan. You and your advisor partners can increase your share of this growing market by using NextLevel IRA to deliver a more efficient and personal experience for terminated participants.

      Grow your business by improving participant outcomes with NextLevel IRA ››

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        An NextLevel IRA is a tax-advantaged retirement savings account, established and administered pursuant to section 408(a) of the Internal Revenue Code, available in both traditional and Roth IRA account types, and subject to the prevailing rules for income limits (Roth IRA), contribution limits, deductibility, withdrawal, Required Minimum Distribution, taxation and related requirements.

        PenChecks, Inc., is the administrator of NextLevel IRAs and has been a service provider to the retirement plan space since 1994. PenChecks Trust Company of America (“PenChecks Trust”) is a state-chartered, non-depository trust company providing a suite of retirement account distribution services to Institutions, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), Advisors and Plan Sponsors. PenChecks Trust is the directed custodian for NextLevel IRAs and does not provide investment advice or management nor provide recommendations about any specific investment or asset. All information communicated about the NextLevel IRA by PenChecks Trust is for informational and educational purposes only, and should not be construed as financial, tax, legal or investment advice. Whenever making an investment decision, please consult with your tax attorney or financial professional to determine whether an investment product, plan or strategy is right for you. Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal.

        Investment products are:

        • Not FDIC Insured
        • Not Insured By Any Federal Government Agency
        • Not A Deposit Or Other Obligation Of, Or Guaranteed By PenChecks Trust Or Any Of Its Affiliates
        • Subject To Investment Risk, Including Possible Loss Of The Principal Amount Invested

        Optional managed account solutions provided by an independent investment advisor registered under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as amended.